Alert us to illegal Tyre Dumping!

The illegal dumping of tyres is increasingly becoming a major pollution problem to many communities within Cape Town, especially in residential areas. Our canals, rivers and wetlands are also increasingly becoming dumping grounds for tyres as well. For this reason I am rolling out a ‘Tyre Dump Alert’ initiative. Under my watchful eye we intend to assist in having this form of pollution addressed, but I need your help.

I have opened up a line of communication so residents who know where illegal tyres have been dumped can alert me via email. If sending an email is not an option then simply phone me directly, supplying me with all the relevant information.

Once the necessary information has been given to me, and I have listed it in my register, I will forward the information onto the authorities. When alerting me I would require an accurate street address, contact details etc. I will take down the details and have the C3 call logged, which I will then track.

If a call has been logged with me and there has been no response from the City, say within 2 weeks I need to be contacted for follow up. Existing long outstanding calls can also be referred to me. I will require the provided reference number for these.

Know of any places where illegal tyres have been dumped in the Cape Town Metro area?

Email: or phone George on 082 490 7628

Please supply the necessary information i.e. Street address, Suburb and Town (Cape Town Metro) and contact details so that I can follow up.

Tyre dumping is a scourge and it destroys our surroundings!

Thank you!
George Sieraha
Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance (GCTCA)
Portfolio – Environment & Heritage
082 490 7628

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