Capetonians urged to raise a red flag for Princess Vlei


On Saturday 9th November the Princess Vlei Forum will be launching our Red Flag Vlei campaign to highlight natural and social spaces in our city that are under threat of inappropriate commercial development.
We are raising the red flag for Princess Vlei because something of great value is in danger. We are raising the red flag to warn our fellow citizens that the City proposes to disregard the needs of poorer citizens for accessible recreational areas, and to sell off a public open space which has been used by the community for generations.
If this plan goes ahead:

  • An irreplaceable site for community, educational, recreational, environmental and cultural activities will be lost
  • A long-standing traditional site for baptism will be lost
  • One of the few public open spaces with the potential to bring our divided city together will be sacrificed to private interest
  • Our Khoikhoi heritage will be further marginalised and disregarded
  • Remnants of Cape Flats Sand Fynbos, critical for biodiversity and the health of the Cape Floristic Biome, will be paved over.
  • The hydrological system that serves the greater False Bay Wetlands, on which our sewerage system depends, will be severely compromised
  • Hundreds of birds, plants, leopard toads and other fauna will have their homes polluted or destroyed

We have been knocking at the door of the City for two years, but no one is listening. Our Red Flag campaign is also a red card campaign to warn the City that they are not playing the game by their own rules of fairness and democracy.  That their willingness to sell out to developers at Princess Vlei makes a mockery of their claims of compassion, transparency and accountability.

On November 9 at 10 am we will gather at Princess Vlei to wrap the trees in red cloth. At 11.30 we will hand out flags and pamphlets at information tables in Victoria Rd, Grassy Park.  Please come and support us at these events.

The future of our children is not for sale. Help us to defend our Red Flag Vlei. Share the flag on Facebook and on social media. Come on Saturday to get your flags to wear, and stickers for your car. Let’s keep the flags flying until the vlei is free.
For more information:

The Desecration of a Temple

Superficially, the Princess Vlei issue might seem a small issue. But it is an issue in which the greater social, cultural, historical, economic and environmental connections are so starkly and eloquently expressed that it serves as a microcosm of critical choices facing our city, our country and indeed our planet.  …. read more


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