Chapman’s Peak Solidarity Sunset – Sunday 19th Feb: 5pm-8pm

Chapman’s Peak Solidarity Sunset – Sunday 19th Feb: 5pm-8pm

It was confirmed today 17th Feb. that corporate and government agendas are overuling public protest about the unnecessary office building planned for Chapman’s Peak, ignoring marches, petitions, hunger-strikers and very viable suggestions for alternatives. Murray and Roberts, with the agreement of the WC Government, state that they are going ahead with construction on Monday morning.

We are reaching a critical point in the opposition to the building of the office block on Chapman’s Peak. The Civil Rights Action Group (CRAG), GCTCA and other organizations are putting out a call for Capetonians to join various protests in this regard. Lewis Pugh, the internationally renowned ‘human polar bear’ and a lawyer, is leading these efforts on behalf of the various organisations opposing the toll plaza and office block. Alternatives to the office block have been shared with Provincial Government and Murray and Roberts.


  1. MEC Carlisle has indicated in the C Times of Friday 18 February that building will commence on Monday.
  2. Announcements in some of the mainstream media this morning suggested that Bronwen, who is on a hunger strike had called off their hunger strike. Nothing can be further from the truth, but we know that this is the kind of message put out by those who want the opposition to the Chappies Development to drop their guard.
  3. MEC Carlisle is reported in the Cape Times as once again having committed to investigating options which, of course, has been done before. He has, however, consistently ignored the reasonable requests of the Cape Town public.
  4. There has been no commitment at all on the real issue which is the size of the plaza- only the appointment of an expert to look at these possibilities, and therefore the justifiable delay any decisions in this regard.
  5. The MEC is quoted in the Cape Times as having said that he is pleased that there is now consensus that tolling is necessary. This is not the case as consensus has not been reached.

The decision to build an office block sets a precedent for the unlawful use of Table Mountain National Park land, a World Heritage Site, for the vested interests of the very few. This is a call to everyone who objects to the construction of the Entilini Office Block, to join in solidarity to make a powerful public statement.

All attempts at persuading Murray and Roberts, Entilini, the roads department and even Helen Zille, to consider gentler more efficient alternatives have been swept asside in favour of their own interests. Overwhelming public rejection of these plans have been ignored. We hope to stop this wastage, injustice, and environmental travesty.

There are many people who have been selflessly working behind the scenes to get this development stopped. All ask you, who treasure this mountain, who believe in true democracy, to stand up for justice and transparency and join us in voicing loudly but peacefully, public disapproval of this monstrosity, since better alternatives are possible.


From 5pm – 8pm

Bring picnics, musical instruments, placards, flowers and greenery,


IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not want to give the ‘authorities’ any ammunition for banning or disregarding the meaning of this gathering so we ask that absolute respect for property and nature been upheld. No graffiti, or harm to the building site. This is NOT A FORMAL PROTEST MARCH. We have no permit – we are just asking EVERYONE who can, to come and have a picnic on Chappies on Sunday at sunset. Exercising our right to enjoy our National Park. PLEASE send this invitation out to all that you know.

On behalf of all those who have offered their time, their effort, their hard work, and even their lives, to find a better solution… and for the people’s voice to be heard and respected.

For more info on the Chapman’s Peak issue see:

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  • Jay Walker

    THIS IS THE PEAK ! of the the boldness and leverage of the construction companies in collusion with government of very bad and waistful road planning in this city and country. Against people but for the companies.THANK YOU BRAVE WOMAN to bring this to the limelight.

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