Chapman’s Peak luxury office block plans and drawings: here it REALLY is

Not a pretty picture

The actual architectural drawing of the of the planned Chapman’s Peak Drive two storey LUXURY offices next to the toll plaza can be seen below. The plan shows in detail what the controversial office block to be built within the Table Mountain National Park actually includes.

While debate rages around whether the project is necessary or appropriate, this image is presented to the public in order for them to see through the spin doctoring of the proponents. The proponents have published “pretty” conceptual diagrams of what the office block will look like. With regard to these published diagrams, the phrase “Fifa in their most desperate spin cycle would have baulked at this” comes to mind. After viewing the actual plans shown below, you can witness the real reason for the project and judge for yourself. We are sure that you will come to the same conclusion that the project is neither necessary nor appropriate within the Table Mountain National Park.

These actual plans, on which the present construction is based, include the following:

GROUND LEVEL – 22-off Offices/Areas

1. Sewerage treatment Plant 2. Entrance 3. Reception + Stairwell 4. Toilet – Male 5. Toilet – Female
6. I/T Technician Workshop 7. Archive / Records 8. Cash Room 9. Plaza Manager Office 10. Internal Auditor Office
11. H/R Manager Office 12. Secretary / ? Officer 13. Staff Room 14. Control Room 15. Cash Collection Garage
16. Air-conditioner Room 17. UPS Room 18. Staff Toilet 19. Toilet 20. Civil Foreman Office
21. store Room 22. Workshop
+ 5-car Parking Bay (4 + 1 Disabled) + 2-stage Ramp to First Floor + Driveway to Workshop

FIRST FLOOR – 15-odd Offices/Areas

1. Landing and Stairwell 2. Lobby / Display 3. P/A to General Manger
4. General Manager – opens to front Terrace 5. Concession Manager 6. Meeting Room – 10-Seater – opens to Front Terrace
7. Storage/passage/Kitchen 8. Cloak Room/Toilet 9. Toilet for Disabled
10. Store Room 11. Service Room 12. Terrace Area – Front
13. Terrace Area – Side 14. Terrace Area – Side extension 15. Roof Terrace – over Workshop area

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Bryan Gillbee’s alternative proposal 

In the continuing effort to bring some sobriety to this lunacy (the option of electronic tolling already having been tabled, which would do away with the need for any human service facilities altogether), we further include below yet another alternative option which was supplied by Bryan Gillbee of ‘Bryan j. Gillbee & Associates’. Bryan states “I do not agree that the operation requires any more than a single storey, unobtrusive building in order to accommodate the toll booth staff in the form of: a rest room, a small kitchen, a small store room for cleaning equipment etc., a toilet block and change room catering for males and females, a small office for a supervisor.

Below is a +- 100m² suggestion which incorporates public toilet facilities for the picnickers – the ones that have been so kindly catered for in the ‘Official’ drawings but omitted to give them parking spaces or toilets.

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