Civic Alliance appeals to Public Protector on City’s Budget


CONTACT PERSON: HENRI WOLFAARDT, GCTCA Public Finance Spokesperson, 0824078046

The GCTCA has today appealed to the Public Protector, on behalf of the residents and ratepayers of Cape Town, for protection of their rights to meaningfully participate in and to be heard on the City of Cape Town’s proposed budget for 2012/13.

Despite numerous laws, including the Constitution of the Republic ofSouth Africa, that compels City Councils to enable and encourage proper public participation in a city’s planning and budget processes, and to actively address public concerns and objections, the City of Cape Town has steadfastly refused to engage with the GCTCA regarding a number of objections, followed by a formal rejection of its proposed budget.

Even an appeal in terms of Section 62 of the Municipal Systems Act, against a highly suspect budget approval process, lodged by the GCTCA on 07/06/2012 was swept aside. The city holds that the Mayor does not get her authority, either directly or indirectly, from the residents / ratepayers /voters of Cape Town. She therefore has no obligation to listen to, or take cognizance of, or address the concerns of residents.

“What the GCTCA has asked, almost begged for, is for the Mayor and the city management to listen to the concerns of residents and ratepayers represented by the alliance. It is indeed a sad day when the disconnect between residents, the Mayor, and city management has deteriorated so badly that outside help has to be called upon to bring those officials elected into office to serve and protect the interests of residents to their senses”, says Len Swimmer, Chairman of the GCTCA.

In brief, the GCTCA has raised concerns to the un-affordability of ever increasing tariffs and rates, huge concealed surcharges that will cost electricity users more than R1.1bn this year, run-away human resource expenses, and unrelenting increased expenditure on grandiose projects, whilst the maintenance of existing infrastructure like roads, parks, cemeteries, water and electricity supply lines are sadly neglected.


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