DA alerts to ‘have your say’ are a pretence

Cape Argus
5 May 2014

DA alerts to ‘have your say’ are a pretence

THE WESTERN Cape’s ruling party keeps sending out the “Have your say’ notifications. (I am still waiting for the public participation “Have your say on the Cape Town logo” Oops, the new logo’s already in place).

I have stopped commenting a longtime ago on these alerts as this DA-led council does what it wants anyway.

There is no taking the community’s view seriously.

If you believe your opinion is taken into consideration you are living in a dream world. I have absolutely no faith in the system.

One has to but look at the decisions that this council takes and then ask yourself, do they really take community concerns seriously? Issues like Chapmans Peak, Princess Vlei, Philippi Horticultural Area, Wescape and so on are examples.

Then of course you have Uitkamp in Durbanville, with the council giving its approval on April 4 for development on agricultural land and the wetland.

Communities know what they are going through. Areas of heritage for example? What has been the provincial heritage department’s response to your dilemmas?

The DA constantly proves that it cannot rule alone.

The Western Cape needs a multiparty coalition to rule effectively so communities at least have a fighting chance. We live under a dictatorship.

George Sieraha is an executive member of the Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance, writing in his own capacity.

1 comment to DA alerts to ‘have your say’ are a pretence

  • Barry James Mitchell

    Dear Sir,

    I am of the belief that your statement above has hit the proverbial nail on the head. In Hout Bay, Cape Town, the community of Hangberg & Imizamo Yethu have been side-lined from crucial socio-economic and developmental decisions through the authoritarian DA Councillor.

    What is the solution? Multi-party? I think not. My opinion is the perpetual convening of Public Meetings to gauge community commences and allow robust debate to find amicable solutions.


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