Developers must heed concerns of the people

Cape Argus
Friday 27 December 2019
Philip Bam (Secretary)
Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance

The Western Cape Development Forum decries the fact that social activists delay property developments because of concerns raised. (Cape Argus, December 24).
Developers don’t have an inalienable right to develop anywhere they wish while ignoring the concerns of citizens.
City life is not all about making money. Social activists have all the right to express concerns, whether it be about the “deal” or the impacts on the lives of citizens. It is high time the aforementioned developers realise the city does not belong to them. It is also long overdue that councillors realise that their interest should not just be about income for the City but the best interest of the citizens who elected them.
The article reflects some serious lack of due diligence by the City and the developers. They should get then facts right before doing a deal that by all accounts is alleged to have been grossly irregular.
Cape Town belongs to the people and developers should not cry when they “flex their muscle”. The Bo-Kaap people and Ndifuna Ukwazi deserve respect for standing up to big money. Developers and the Municipal Planning Tribunal should listen to the reasonable voice of the activists, otherwise you create a situation where people resort to what is often termed unreasonable protest.

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