Mario Oriani-Ambrosini : IFP MP for Hout Bay

Today, Hout Bay IFP Member of Parliament Mario GR Oriani-Ambrosini raised, in Parliament, the thorny issue of the Chapman’s Peak Drive new office block attached to the tollbooth, and said:

“Making mistakes is part of the burden of governing. The ANC government, the IFP government and the DA government are all bound to make mistakes. Good governance is not about making no mistakes but rather recognizing mistakes made, back-tracking and correcting them as soon as possible.

The DA government made a mistake in the way it handled the construction of luxury office space in the World Heritage Site at Chapman’s Peak Drive. It made a further mistake in not listening to the unanimous voice of its own constituency in Hout Bay and surrounding areas opposing the project.

This Parliament and the Minister for Environmental Affairs have also neglected their respective duty to ensure that national legislation and World Heritage Sites Convention be respected. The approval for construction was given without following the parliamentary procedures set out in national law. The International World Heritage Site Convention has been breached.

Parliament has thus far not fulfilled its oversight role. The Minister has failed his responsibility of intervening to determine how it became possible that the National Park Authority gave its permission in violation of national law.

We call on both the national ANC government and the provincial DA government to correct the respective errors and rise to the challenge of protecting this national asset for generations to come.”

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