Increase in water and sanitation tariffs unreasonable

‘CT tariff hike may encourage water conservation’

Chanels September

Eye Witness News

1st July 2011

The City of Cape Town on Thursday said it hopes an increase in water and sanitation tariffs will encourage users to conserve water.

From Friday 1 July ratepayers’ monthly water bills will be going up by about eight percent.

Deputy Mayor Ian Nielson said some of the money will be spent on upgrading treatment works.

“The city is going to experience a need for significant investment in our water and sanitation system over the next five to ten years due to the growth in the population,” he said.

But the Greater Civic Alliance’s Phillip Bam said the increase is unreasonable.

“The home owner will not be able to carry this cost. This is in the light of electricity charges which have also risen and also the rates cost that is rising, so the cost of municipal service is becoming exorbitant,” he said.

(Edited by Lindiwe Mlandu)


2 comments to Increase in water and sanitation tariffs unreasonable

  • Garbage Service Portland Oregon

    It will be an additional burden to the customers to pay higher charges for the water and sanitation needs.The tariffs should be reasonable that the common man can pay them.

  • Wakhile

    I think that this is ridiculous, we already trying to save water and now this!!!

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