Picture paints 1000 words: Maidens Cove, Clifton

Die Burger
28 October 2015


The controversial plans of the City of Cape Town to sell the most prestigious municipal land in Clifton got further momentum when councillors agreed that the City should go ahead with plans for a property transaction.

The municipal plots, according to the council’s calculations are worth R830 million but it is still unclear what will be an eventual sale price.

Residents of Cape Town have over the past few months vigorously protested against the precious public land landing up in private developers hands.

One of the organizations that are concerned about the way the development is handled in the area by the city council, the Camps Bay Ratepayers, intends to file a court application to have the city’s decision-making process reviewed.

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  • Susan Campbell

    How utterly disgraceful. This is a public asset where people from all walks of life can enjoy Clifton. Skaam jou de Lille, chase away the gewone mense and sell off public land to the very rich! #delillemustfall

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