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11 April 2011

Dear Supporter,

Having shown your opposition to the Hout Bay toll plaza on Chapman’s Peak, planned largely within the Table Mountain National Park, I feel sure you will want to continue supporting all initiatives directed at halting construction and forcing the proponents (SANParks, the Provincial Government of the Western Cape, Entilini / Murray & Roberts) to revise their plans. This Association’s powerful legal team remains convinced that the planned toll plaza is inappropriate. They are highly motivated and have strongly advised this Association to apply once again to the High Court to stop the construction. We have the end in sight and now simply require sufficient funds to finish the job.

You have already demonstrated your support for what we and the people of Hout Bay are doing to stop the construction. You have come out in protest and perhaps you as well as other people have already donated money for this opposition. We are most grateful for that, as it has enabled us to progress this far along the road to success. Now is the time, however, when we all have to dig deeper into our pockets in order to complete this important task. This is the time when we are calling on you and every other opponent who believes that this is an inappropriate construction on Chappies, to donate generously to the trust fund set up to fund the Court action fighting the toll plaza office block.

There are three reasons why we must continue to fight this case:

  1. Constructing a toll plaza in a protected National Park we believe is totally inappropriate.
  2. We believe that only the people of South Africa, through Parliament, are entitled to decide if part of a National Park may be removed for that purpose.
  3. We believe that the planned construction has not been properly authorised.

There are two reasons why all opponents should contribute to the trust fund:

  1. All money raised is guaranteed to be used exclusively to pay experts who are qualified to persuade the Court into forbidding the construction.
  2. Sufficient funds are essential to our being able to win this case.

There is one very important reason why we should want to contribute generously:

None of us wishes to hand over to future generations a toll plaza and luxury office block on Chapman’s Peak situated in our magnificent National Park – a World Heritage site.

This is your way of doing something to halt this construction.

Please make your contribution now – It’s urgent!

Contributions should be sent to:

Bank: Standard Bank

Branch Code: 020 009

Acct Name: Cullinan & Associates Inc.

Trust Account No: 070 223 149

Reference: Chapman’s Peak

(Very important to insert this Reference)

Please send an e-mail confirmation of payment to

Please do not hesitate to call me directly if you require any further information about the case and the nature of donations to date. I would be delighted to assist.

Yours most sincerely

Len Swimmer


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