Stop building on Chapman’s Peak : Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance

Protest against the tolling of and building of an office block on Chapman’s Peak Drive has been in the public mind space for a long time now. A hunger strike is underway by a very brave lady. People have handcuffed themselves to the construction site. The GREATER CAPE TOWN CIVIC ALLIANCE has been supportive of attempts to stop the tolling of the road as well as the building on the Table Mountain National Park. Objections and expression of disgust at this ill conceived idea to desecrate the mountainside have been flowing in from all parts of South Africa and the world media.

We have witnessed the obduracy of the MEC Robin Carilsle in this matter and have only the highest respect for those who are continuing to protest this inequity. In pursuance of these ideals, the executive committee of the GCTCA adopted the following resolution:

“At its executive committee meeting on 18 February 2012, the Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance considered the pending construction of an office block on Chapmans Peak and the protests taking place at the construction site.

The GCTCA expresses support for the right of people to protest in situations where the public good is at stake, such as this one where we believe that the decision to build an office block on the site proposed is unwise, ill-advised and procedurally flawed. Such a building represents an attack on the integrity of the environment and would compromise the possibility of leaving a natural asset for future generations.

We therefore call on the relevant authorities to terminate this ill conceived construction forthwith”.

“We believe the matter of tolling and building on Chapman’s Peak is of national concern and call on the people of South Africa to keep up the protest against this. If we allow this building, it becomes the thin edge of the wedge and all our natural assets will be under threat”, says Len swimmer, chairman of the GCTCA.


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  • Julie Ann Edwards

    I am appaled by these proposed plans and parking in the mountain itself will compromise the integrity of this wonderful landmark and take away the homes of all the animals on the mountain. Who died and made thes people God how dare they take away this wonderful place from the presant and future generations. It makes me heart sick to think of the destruction and desicration which will take place if this goes ahead. Please stop it or tell me what to do to help.

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