The Mayor and Public Open Spaces

Philip M Bam
Chairperson: LOGRA CIVIC

What a refreshing statement by the Mayor in her speech to council 28 August 2013. She announces that the City will maintain the Sea Point Pavillion as a public open space for the people.

She continues to say: ” As part of our commitment to being a Caring City that considers the views and wishes of all of our residents, I strongly advise Council to keep the space open for the enjoyment of present and future Capetonians”.

I hope that we will be able to set an example for creating combined spaces in the future by preserving those that we have in the here and now”.

The Princess Vlei Forum, representing a wide range of community organizations and communities in Cape Town expressed the wish that Princess Vlei be preserved as a cultural and recreational open space for all the people of Cape Town.

Every day you will find people on the banks of the Vlei enjoying the nature and the lovely water view.

If you pass there at sunset, the people who cannot go to other places to enjoy the romantic sunset will be seen at the Vlei.

Saturday and Sunday mornings people are baptizing in the Vlei.

It is just as much a place where citizens of Cape Town enjoy themselves as the Sea Point Pavillion. Why take it away from the people?.

The land belongs to the City and the City does not have to sell it to anybody.

Together we can make it a space of which the City can be truly proud. How we long to hear at the next council meeting that the Mayor proposes to the council to accept the views of the people of this part of the City and that she advises the council to keep the space an open public space for the enjoyment of the people.


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