The ratepayers of Cape Town are once again being asked to vote a City Government into power on 18th May 2011.  The Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance, comprising over 100 civil society organisations active within the City of Cape Town,  wishes to impress upon our citizens the value of their vote.  It is probably one of the most precious possessions held by any citizen.   We say, it is not to be taken lightly; it is not to be squandered easily and it should not be lent to those seeking office without serious thought about the value and impact of your vote.

The GCTCA believes that the local government elections should be about  putting people in power who can ensure a safe, well developed, liveable environments for us to live in.  We believe that the elections should be about putting in place a city government that will ensure that all citizens will be able to look proudly upon a city that is a home for all, where rich and poor can live in harmony,  where resources are shared equitably and the where sustainable communities are built.  We believe that this election should also be about clean air and respect for our cultural and environmental heritage.

It is not about power, but about people. It is about clean streets, proper street lighting, adequate storm water and sewerage systems and affordable property rates.

We call on Capetonians in the City of Cape Town to use their vote sensibly.   We urge people to consider the issues that affect our daily lives and vote accordingly.  We urge people to look past the badge and the election rigmarole and consider carefully the person whom you wish to represent you.  Your vote is precious, use it wisely.




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