About us



In the early 2000′s the City of Cape Town began a process of overhauling 27 Zoning Schemes of the various towns and districts within the metro. The intention is to consolidate all the disparate schemes into one Cape Town Zoning Scheme, allowing for the centralisation and simplification of decision making. It was decided by various associations to combine their expertise and to engage with the process.

From the initial focussed working group, the GCTCA was born from the realisation that there were far more issues of common interest (across associations and communities) than merely the Zoning Scheme. The GCTCA evolved into an overarching body, dealing with issues of general common interest.

Key focal areas of the Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance (GCTCA)


The Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance is an Alliance of civic community and environmental oriented organisations, focusing on matters of community interest. Member organisations comprise Ratepayer & Resident Associations, Environmental Associations and general Civic Associations. The diversity of issues covered by the alliance is far more than just a mirror image of the City of Cape Town’s set of deliverables, as issues that impact communities span all levels of government, not just local government (City of Cape Town).

By far the majority of member associations consist of established resident & ratepayer representative bodies who see the advantage of engaging with the authorities through a singular entity. These established ratepayer representative bodies address most issues that have an impact on their local environs and on any number of diverse issues. In most cases they lobby the Council, through their local council structures and representatives, City officials directly or by way of comment or objection on subjects that concern them as and when these are brought to their attention. Associations also proactively fill the gaps in delivery themselves where it is felt there is a need (example: crime prevention, environmental action groups etc.).

By definition ‘that which impacts communities’, the Alliance can at any time be called upon, or through it’s own volition engage on a myriad of subjects, and at various levels, be it by way of complaint, comment or pro-active engagement:

  • Zoning Scheme (heights, densities, bulk coverage, location, property uses e.g. B&B, Home Schooling, Crèche, home business, shebeen, gambling, place of entertainment …..)
  • Governance and decision-making over the built environment (building plans, development, urban sprawl, infrastructure support…)
  • Spatial Development Frameworks – Local, Metro, Provincial (where and what)
  • Densification Policy (compliance with acceptable densities)
  • Rates (the amount the municipality can charge and the returns received for this payment)
  • Bulk Infrastructure (roads, potable water, electricity, sewage)
  • Traffic – (intersections, traffic calming, stop streets, law enforcement, traffic lights….)
  • Social Infrastructure (schools, sports facilities, shops, entertainment, public transport…)
  • Support Infrastructure (hospitals, fire stations, communications, police, emergency services….)
  • Air quality
  • Water (Quality of potable water and continued security of supply)
  • Aesthetics (built and natural)
  • Heritage (Nature, Cultural, Landscape)
  • Noise
  • Signage
  • Vagrants
  • Tourism
  • Public Open Space (POS)
  • Agricultural Areas (Protection of, promotion of food security, conflicts with urban activities)
  • Industry (Heavy and Light)
  • Commerce
  • Harbours
  • Public Safety – (Crime prevention, Law Enforcement, Cell Masts, Nuclear Reactors…)
  • Environment (protection of sea, rivers, beaches, biodiversity, flora and fauna, unique natural surroundings from the mountain to the seas, global warming….)


Vision of the GCTCA

Cape Town is a healthy, progressive and integrated city sustaining its unique character and environment through good governance* and where citizens effectively participate in civic affairs and live in harmony.

[*]Good governance –
Participatory, consensus oriented, accountable, transparent, responsive, effective and efficient, equitable and inclusive, follows the rule of law.


Mission or Purpose of the GCTCA

Providing leadership and building the capacity of organized civil society, striving to ensure good governance* for the citizens of the City of Cape Town

[*]Good governance –
Participatory, consensus oriented, accountable, transparent, responsive, effective and efficient, equitable and inclusive, follows the rule of law.