Appeal for book funding: Nuclear? No Thanks!

Nuclear? No Thanks! Five Arguments Against Nuclear Power in South Africa​
By Mike Kantey

About the author
This is the product of a lifetime in opposing nuclear power policy not only in South Africa, but also on the African Continent, and further afield. The author began his unofficial and largely unpaid career in opposing nuclear power as General Secretary of Koeberg Alert in the 1980s.

Since that time he has seen four governments come and go and has been unceasing in his work.
Elected National Chairperson of the Coalition Against Nuclear Energy in 2008, he has been a founder of the Koeberg Alert Alliance, and was instrumental in the birth of the Save Bantamsklip Campaign the Thyspunt Alliance and the Namakwa Aksie vir Gemeenskap- en Omgewingsjustisie (NAGO).
He was also at the birth of the African Uranium Alliance in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in 2010.

What is the book about?
This work is a summary of over 30 years of largely unpaid research, which has its intention the final conviction of all undecided observers who have the education to understand of the necessity of avoiding the expansion of the nuclear power industry — not only in South Africa — but on the African Continent.

Where do the proceeds go?
The monies thus collected in support of the publication will therefore be used primarily to pay for the costs of research, writing, editing, design & layout, as well as for printing and binding.

In addition, the money will be used for travel, accommodation, logistics, and advertising, to pay for meetings in Cape Town, Hermanus, Jeffreys Bay, Port Elizabeth, and Johannesburg/Pretoria, in order not only to distribute the publication, but also to highlight and rally the forces opposed to nuclear power policy, as well as to appear on local, regional, and national media to spread the word.

Who do I contact to help sponsor this book?
Please contact Mike Kantey if you wish to sponsor the book at R100 per book. Planned launch in Cape Town in August 2017.

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