Audit of the City of Cape Town’s July 2006 General Valuation

There has been concern amongst certain Ratepayers at various economic levels in
Cape Town regarding the systems or procedures used and the results of the 2nd July
2006 General Valuation executed by the City of Cape Town.

January 2008

An audit of, and comments on, the City of Cape Town’s valuation process

in terms of

the Municipal Property Rates Act 6 of 2004


Prepared by the Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance (GCTCA)


For the attention of the Executive Mayor Helen Zille

Prepared by

The Management Committee of  The GCTCA


Executive Summary, Introduction, Audit and comments
Rates submission Main V3

Addendum “A” – The GCTCA’s analysis of the IPTI Report.
rates subm Addendum A V3

  • Addendum “B” – Minutes of South Peninsula Ratepayers’ Associations’ meeting with Cllr. Neilson and his reply thereto with the GCTCA’s comments thereon.
  • Addendum “D” – Background and Mission Statement of the GCTCA with a current list of member associations.

Rates subm Addenda B&D V3


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