Chappies statement like salt on a wound

Cape Argus
3rd July 2012

I write as a citizen of the Western Cape and as a community member of our great city. When I read the statement by the provincial government – “We’ve found a solution for Chapman’s Peak. Here are the facts. Let’s move forward together” – I felt compelled to write.

My correspondence is in no way meant to be disrespectful but in my opinion this “information statement” has poured a bag of salt on an open burning wound. It has no reconciliatory features that will win the hearts and minds of the populace of Cape Town.

In any war it is not who is right but who is left? So what is left? Well, thousands of community members shaking their heads in disbelief as to what transpired and most probably bitterness to boot.

Although the court challenge was mounted by the Hout Bay Residents Association and the Habitat Council, the reality is that there were thousands of objections including from the international sector.

What has been won? You have won the war and you have won a building that thousands of your voters don’t want. What have you lost? Most probably the hearts and minds of thousands of community members.

I still feel that a low-key toll booth can be built to accommodate the staff and their functions, not an office block. By doing this, it would display this administration’s desire to take the community’s feelings to heart.


George Sieraha is an executive member of the Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance

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