In grip of mediocrity

  • Cape Times
  • Chairperson: Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance

THE headline in the Cape Times of April 16 screams at me not only about the man who was left in the lurch but about the worrying lack of meaningful, effective policing.

Where were the law enforcement agencies at that time. How is it possible that rocks and pieces of concrete can go unnoticed by the authorities on a national highway.

We were recently warned to be alert on that stretch of the road and that seems to be the response of our law enforcers. All the time it is about “the community must be alert”, “the community must assist the police” and “the community must do more to ensure their safety”. Why are we then paying such exorbitant salary packages to people such as the Western Cape police commissioner, the head of the provincial traffic police department and the politicians responsible for safety, both on a national and provincial level, if we have to look after ourselves and walk around looking over our shoulders all the time?

Something is wrong with the attitude of our top officials.

Things might change if there was a system that for every robbery, every hijacking, every time a person got mugged, the police generals and heads of safety and security got marked down and their pay docked. You would then see real service, but as things stand at the moment the worse it gets, the better the performance bonus.

This happens when you reward mediocrity, as seems to be the case in this city, province and country. It just simply cannot continue like this.

We must start to challenge these people who don’t do their work. Forget about the many excuses they will conjure up.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating as the saying goes. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW!


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