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Cape Times : Friday 30 May 2014

Len Swimmer
Chairman: Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance

THE Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance congratulates South Africa on a successful election. The people have spoken and given the ANC a national mandate to govern, in the Western Cape, the DA was chosen by the people to govern and ensure a better life for its citizens.

In congratulating the DA, we wish to encourage the provincial government to use its mandate to:

  1. Protect our natural resources, environment and cultural heritage. The Western Cape is one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa and its environment should be treasured and guarded jealously. We commit to working with the new Western Cape government to ensure appropriate development that will protect our environment and create a connection between communities and nature. We believe this is important for the health and well-being of our citizens and support any initiative aimed at protecting our public open spaces.
  2. We wish to see the Philippi Horticultural Area protected from more concrete development, cleaned up, dumping prevented and the aquifer secured to ensure the Western Cape remains the food capital.
  3. Arrest rampant crime, stop the free flow of drugs and gangsterism which threatens safety and security especially on the Cape Flats. We encourage the Western Cape government to put in place measures that will promote responsible living and stricter enforcement by the law-enforcement agencies. We are ready to support any meaningful measure that will give our communities a sense of security and a living environment that is free of crime. One of the factors driving crime is easy access to alcohol and we urge the DA government to apply extreme caution when considering granting licences to allow the sale of alcohol in residential areas where our children live and play.
    We commit to supporting measures that will create an economic environment where our people will have meaningful jobs, which will also reduce crime and empower our people.
  4. To promote the development of high-density housing along traditional transport corridors in the City of Cape Town. We believe people need housing closer to the mass transport nodes.
    We look forward to plans being implemented that would obviate the need for the ugly service delivery protests which are becoming an everyday occurrence in the province and the Cape metro.
    We wish to encourage the government to tap the wealth of  community expertise to look at creative alternatives, to deal with housing in this province.
  5. To give impetus to renewable energy projects, and alternative energy initiatives such as solar power, wave energy and wind energy on a large scale. We encourage less dependence on dwindling fossil energy resources. Now is the time to be innovative in this field.
  6. To support and, where appropriate, ensure road infrastructure, water reticulation and sewerage systems are upgraded.
    We support alternative waste disposable options that would minimise the pumping of raw sewerage into the oceans. Water recycling projects should be encouraged.


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