Save our precious Princess Vlei space

Cape Argus
2nd October 2013

CAPE Town is indeed blessed with good citizens such as Janey Ball and Ben Rabinowitz of Seafront for all (Seafa) who need to be congratulated for their sterling work in saving the Sea Point Pavilion for the people.

The City of Cape Town also deserves our congratulations for listening to the people and making the correct decision to preserve the pavilion for future generations, albeit after a lengthy and costly battle.

Media reports indicate Seafa needs to raise more funds to cover the legal costs and perhaps there could be a way in which our city budget could support them in the interest of environmental preservation, for the wellness of the people of the city.

Elsewhere in the city, good citizens are engaged in costly battles to save our environment at great cost to the communities who have to fight the city and the province, who use our taxpayer money to fight them.

There are far too many of these battles which the city seem to be fighting to give developers an advantage.

The urban edge is changed to make it easier for the developer to make more profit.

The PHA and Uitkamp are just afew examples.

Princess Vlei looms large on the horizon as another unnecessary battlefield to save an important heritage and environmental space for the people of Cape Town, especially those of us who live in the southern suburbs, in the shadow of the mountain and on the plains where our Khoi ancestors made a living in harmony with nature.

It is indeed pleasing to see the councillors so supportive of the efforts to save the Sea Point Pavilion and perhaps it is not a hope against all hopes that they will also make sure that the land on the shores of Princess Vlei will not he sold for inappropriate development.

The huge crowds who flocked to enjoy themselves at the vlei on Heritage Day, without a formal event being organised, should be a firm, indication to the council that the people need this space for recreation and remembrance. Let the good sense continue.

Philip M Bam
Chairman: Logra Civic, Grassy Park

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