This YouTube doccie might put you off that Camps Bay swim this summer


Without question, Cape Town has some of the world’s prettiest beaches. From Big Bay in the north, to Boulders in the south, the Peninsula is blessed with natural beauty bar none.

Every day, the famous Camps Bay region in Cape Town, South Africa, is discharging million of litres of untreated waste-water into our marine reserve. This is creating some serious and growing problems, for the vulnerable sea-life, for us water-users and soon for beach-goers too.

This short documentary by Cape Town filmmaker Mark Jackson lifts the lid on the scale of the challenges we face, and offers us some solutions.


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  • mark murison

    We have no right to use the ocean in this way. It is not a sewage disposal system and we cannot allow the CoCT to expect the public to ignore the gravity of the situation. I suspect that the city hopes that whenever the issue becomes a headline topic, it will eventually die down again, and like the proverbial ostrich with it\’s head in the sand, the city can once again continue to noiselessly dump it\’s sewage into the ocean. I am sure, that where this is happening in other communities around the world, they are quick to galvanize support in order to litigate against the offending authority. Hopefully, this civic alliance and other concerned agencies, will soon take the necessary legal action against the CoCT to end this disgusting and disrespectful environmental degradation. Our ocean is not a toilet, and we should Save Our Ocean Now, as SOON it will be too late. We have the right to treat our ocean with respect.

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