Video: Cape Sewage Outrage

Carte Blanche
06 December 2015

Cape Sewage Outrage

Aerial photographs of the oceans around the Southern tip of the continent went viral earlier this year causing outrage. The images showed that the City of Cape Town was pumping 55 million litres of untreated sewage into Table Bay every day. New scientific analysis now reveals that 87 000 carcinogenic, hormone disrupting chemicals could be seeping from the sewage mass into the oceans. Yet, the city is without any immediate solutions. Carte Blanche investigates the far-reaching impact of the filth.
Age Restriction: 13
Duration: 10:47



Environmental Law

The Constitution

The Constitution contains a number of sections that are relevant to the environment.

The environmental right – Section 24

Everyone has the right to:

  • an environment which is not harmful to their health or well-being
  • have the environment protected for the benefit of present and future generations through reasonable legislative and other measures that:
    • prevent pollution and ecological degradation
    • promote conservation
    • secure ecologically sustainable development and use of natural resources, while promoting justifiable economic and social development.

Section 24 therefore places a duty on all spheres of government to take reasonable steps, including to make laws, prevent pollution, promote conservation and ensure sustainable development.

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