Walk the Talk : Environmental Courts


Subject: Environmental courts soon to try water polluters

Published date: August 12, 2010


“We will invite you to the launch of the first courts in the near future. – I understand that water pollution is one of the areas of great concern for the agricultural sector today.”

Stated by: – Minister Buyelwa Sonjica

Position held at time of statement: – Water and Environmental Affairs Minister

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Walk the Talk : Safety and Security

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This statement was originally published in the
The Cape Argus on August 5th, 2010

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4 comments to Walk the Talk : Environmental Courts


    We are fighting illegal Dumping and Quad-biking on Macassar Dunes! What can be done about it and how can We get CoCt to do something about it?


    want to become member of GCTCA . Can you help me please?

  • cedric wayne hendricks

    I want membership of GTCA for our organization.please help.

  • cedric wayne hendricks

    I’m chairperson of The Macassar Environmental Association and express the same concerns but we have our river polluted by sewerage being dumped in the eerstriver and kuilsriver which joins together in Macassar to flow thro our town. This river canot be used any more by the community and city of cape town are the biggest polluters in this regard. Farmers dump their chemicals in the eersteriver with absolutely no regard for the environment. Fresh-water fish have virtually all died out,become extinct.How can you help us to revive our rivers.

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